You know when you're having a fantastic round of golf, and then all of a sudden, you reach into your pocket only to realize your golf marker has vanished? It could feel as though you're digging in that pocket forever trying to find your golf marker - or perhaps your marker slipped out of your pocket again while driving the golf cart.

We've been there, and to be frank, that's how we created Quarter Clip - the world's first golf marker clip that fits seamlessly on the pocket of your pants or your belt. Since Quarter Clip fits any quarter or similar sized golf marker, you won't be stuck at home with a ton of magnetic golf markers with their missing counterpart.

The pocket dig is over when you purchase Quarter Clip.

Rear view of two senior golf players walking together in the golf course with their golf bags. Senior golfers walking out of the course after the game.
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What makes our golf marker holder
the #1 golf marker clip in the industry.

Proudly machined in The U.S.A., Quarter Clip is CNC milled and hard-coat anodized with post-machine cut housing aluminum. Quarter Clip is durable and sleek, so you'll never have to worry about losing another marker on the golf course again.


Quarter Clip Timeline

We were out on the golf course...and kept losing our marker. The idea of Quarter Clip was born.


Over the next few months, prototypes of Quarter Clip were engineered.


Drill stemming for Quarter Clip begins


The final product of Quarter Clip is produced.


- Jared S.

The Quarter Clip is by far the best thing I’ve seen come out of the golf world in a while. I 100% expected the quarter to fall out during the course of play/riding around in the golf cart, but it has stayed perfectly in place every time. It’s now a staple in my golf attire. No more expensive ball marks falling out of my pocket or scuffing up my shorts when I get in or out of the cart. This thing will spoil you and make loose ball marks a thing of the past. Stays out of sight till you need it and will make a great gift for clients or golf tournaments. We plan on giving them away at our next golf outing." 

- Jeff R

Problem solved!!!! This Quarter Clip product has me giddy…No longer will I have to wrestle to find my ball mark inside my pocket…nor do I have to deal with a missing marker when it’s separated from its magnetic base. Great innovation built with solid materials and the reliability which keeps me coming back to it for every round. Compatible with all of my belts…might even pair it with my suit belt given it’s a stylish look. 😊 Cheers to the development team at Quarter Clip, LLC! An excellent addition to my golf gear and a BTTB product! (Bad to the Bone!)" 


Create custom branded golf markers with your company logo on it.

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